Street Art & Slinkachu’s Snails

There are many forms of art that surround us while we walk down the street, maybe not as much in Durango compared to the inner city. But all around us there are sculptures, graffiti, murals, stencil art, sticker art, 3D chalk paintings, etc. Street art is an exciting and innovative way for the every day citizen to express themselves.

One of the most interesting forms of street art, in my opinion, are instillations. Instillations use three dimensional spaces in which objects are set in an urban environment. Slinkachu, one of London’s most famous street artist, is known for his Little People Project. 9717404_orig

The Little People Project was created to encourage street dwellers to be more aware of their environment and for them to find joy in the small things. As a result, Slinkachu modified tiny human figurines from model train sets and places them in real urban situations, capturing them sight-seeing, camping, grocery shopping, and fighting.


In addition to  the Little People Project, Slinkachu also did the Inner City Snail Art. He would find live snails in the street and paint their shells with non-toxic acrylic paint. Then set them free in the street, with a hint of art.

Art Project

What you need: shells from walmart, acrylic/tempera paint.

How to do it:

  • Introduce Slinkachu
    • Where is he from?
    • What type of art did he do?
    • What were his two most popular projects?
    • What was his goal in these projects?
    • Has anyone ever noticed an interesting art form on the street?
    • Show photos 🙂
  • And then PAINT. Hand out the shells and let their little minds go.

The video below, SHOULD NOT be shown to kids, but a resource for you all to understand who Slinkachu is.