1.1 Building Blocks to a Better Future

Tlegohis activity is the suggested introduction activity for the Developmental Assets. So to start, instead of introducing the Assets as the “Developmental Assets”, which will go in one ear and out the other for six year olds, we will start by introducing them as “Building Blocks.” This activity’s objective is:

For children to comprehend the basic premise behind the Developmental Assets, presented in the form of building strong, solid towers. For children to recognize the support systems in their lives who help form their strong base.

We will introduce the Assets by using a metaphor of building a tower. If you don’t have a strong base the tower won’t be able to stand strong or stand for a long period of time. But, if you have a strong, solid base the tower will be able to stand tall and proud. It is the same with the Developmental Assets, the more Assets one has the stronger they will be and the more likely they will be to stand firm and proud.

In this activity, we will build a tower that has a weak base and compare it to another tower we will build with a strong base.  Discuss the difference. Then debrief.

Who or what helps us have a strong base? Who or what acts as our corner stones? Who can we depend on? Why can we depend on them? How can we be a support for our friends and family?

Once finished take and send photos to ChayseR@rsapp.org

Alignment with the Developmental Assets:

  • Identifies #1. Family Support
  • Identifies #3 Other Adult Relationships
  • Offers ways of how to be of #9 Service to Others