To All Parents, Search Institute

Kids’ Camp is now working to develop the 40 Developmental Assests, which are a set of skills, experiences, relationships, and behaviors that enable young people to develop into successful and contributing adults. We will facilitate character building exercises to help improve their personal identity, self-esteem, peace and conflict skills, cultural competences and healthy lifestyles, and more.

You, the parents, build more assets than we ever will. You provide supportive relationships, a safe home, boundaries and expectation. You are their backbone! With this being said, we could still like to include you on our mission. Visit our Parent Resource Page for more information.

We are also working to include health and wellness education into our program. Using the framework from 5210, we are teaching the importance of healthy diets, limited screen-time, physical activity, abstaining from sugary drinks, and getting enough sleep. Visit our Nutrition Page for more information.

Thank you for all of your support. If you have any questions contact:

Chayse RomeroChayseR@rsapp.orgamericorps logo

Kids’ Camp Wellness Coordinator

Americorps Service Member

Asset Builder

Asset #11: Family Boundaries: Family has clear rules and consequences and monitors the young person’s whereabouts

Essential Question: Have I had a conversation with my children at different ages to talk about family rules appropriate for their current age?

Tips to ensure healthy family boundaries:

  • Always ask where your child is going, with whom, and when will they return
  • Keep computers in the common area of the house, not in rooms where kids can spend hours of unsupervised time online
  • Learn to be flexible when setting boundaries and take the long view

Asset of the Month Project has been brought to you by La Plata Children, Youth and Family Master Plan (CYFMP) Community Partners and Search Institute


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