Coordinator Resources

Below are a list of resources for Kids’ Camp coordinators regarding the implementation of the Developmental Assets:

Asset Helpercelebrating healthy communities

Asset #14 Adult Role Models: Parents and other adults model positive, responsible behavior.

Essential Question: Do I exhibit role model worthy behavior in front of my children and our community’s youth at all times? (Note: 37% of La Plata County youth grades 6-12 report having positive role models in their lives. Assets Survey 2015)

Tips to identify and increase visibility of community role models:

  • Make a point of talking about people you admire or who had a positive influence on you, and why. Ask a young person to do the same.
  • Share stories and experiences that reflect positive values, such as when a friend treated you with honesty or a coworker behaved responsibly. This can help young people develop a better understanding of their own values and how to act in different situations.
  • Take the time to pass on your special skills. Youth often appreciate the opportunity to learn new skills, even if they’ve never been exposed to them before.
  • Model integrity by following through on any commitments that you make, especially with young people.
  • Demonstrate positive responses to difficult situations, such as offering a sincere apology when appropriate, or trying again when you fail to achieve a goal.

Source: Project Cornerstone For more information about the CYFMP, contact Susan Hakanson, 382-6212 or

happy asset building.


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