Unit Two: Celebrating Diversity

In memory of Martin Luther King Jr. we take this month as an opportunity to celebrate respect and diversity. We will provide our kids with the tools needed to gain a greater respect for themselves, their community, and different cultures. We will explore, inquire, & facilitate eight hands-on activities and projects.

This unit will focus on Asset # 34: Cultural Competence – young person has knowledge of and comfort with people of different cultural / racial / ethnic background. 

The Goal:  To provide students with the tools that will allow them to foster relationships based on respect, equality, and diversity.


Students will establish an understanding of who they are and what distinguishes them from those around them. 

Students will learn the value of respect for others. 

Students will learn how differences can create positive relationships between themselves and others.

Time Frame: 8 -10 Lessons/Days

Materials: Paper(colored optional), Markers, Crayons, Hole Puncher, Yarn, Venn Diagram, Washable Child-Safe Paint, cups for paint water,


These lessons/activities could be facilitated anytime throughout the year, yet with Martin Luther King Day and Black History Month coming up, it is recommended for All About Me to be facilitated the week before MLK day, while Lessons 5-8 are facilitated the week of Martin Luther King Day. 

A Study of how: Children Are Not Colorblind
A Study of how: Children Are Not Colorblind

Activities 1-4 : All About Me!

  • Explores what makes one unique as well as those around them

Activity Five: Martin’s Big Words

  • Explores the famous words of Martin Luther King

Activity Six: Celebrating Skin Color

  • Explores the differences in one another and how to appreciate individual beauty

Activity Seven: We Have Dreams

  • Explores what we are passionate about and how to make a difference

Activity Eight: What Does Peace Feel Like? — A Favorite

  • Explores the different meanings of the word “peace”

the crayon boxMore Options

Activity Nine: Celebration of Cinderella

  • Explores the famous fairy tale of Cinderella Around The World

Activity Ten: The Crayon Box That Talked


Below is a list of books that could aide you in completing The Diversity and Martin Luther King Unit. You can view the book summary by clicking on the title. 

All About Me – Personal Identity Booksthe five of us

  1. Marmaduke the Very Different Dragon: By Rachel Valentine and Ed Eaves
  2. The Five of Us; By Quentin Blake
  3. The Ugly Duckling; By Frank Loesser
  4. Marlo Can Fly; By Robert Vescio

Books About Skin Color & Kindness

  1. All Kinds of People; By Sheri Safran
  2. Children Just Like Me: A Unique Whoever you areCelebration of Children Around the World; By Anabel Kindersley
  3. Black is Brown is Tan; By Arnold Adoff
  4. We’re Different, We’re the Same; By Bobbi Kates
  5. Whoever You Are; By Mem Fox
  6. The Skin You Live In; By Michael Tyler
  7. What Does Peace Feel Like; By Vladimir Radunsky

Need more ideas about how to incorporate diversity into your classroom? Visit diversitycouncil.org or



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