Unit 5 – The Whole World in Our Hands

the_art_of_helping_others4There is a profound beauty in serving others; whether it be bringing water to the thirsty in a developing country, delivering food baskets to the hungry on thanksgiving, being involved in community garden a couple times a week, or simply helping a neighbor in need. We all have different interest, different talents, and different passions that we use to make the world a better place.

The Goal: I encourage all you beautiful people to educate and inspire children to be of service to others. Encourage them to find things that empower their little souls and boost their self esteem. Discuss topics that could spark interest and provide projects that make them feel like they matter.

This April we will celebrate:

Developmental Asset #9: Service to Others: Service to People and Our Planet.

With Earth Day approaching, we can teach young children about the polar bears in danger, the declining population of bees, and where our trash goes. We can educate them about local and global initiatives that can make a difference. We can enlighten them how La Plata feeds the hungry at Manna Soup Kitchen.

Below I have brainstormed and collaborated with other bloggers about fun and fairly simple service projects we can facilitate and books we can read to spark inspiration.

Anytime/Anywhere Projects:

  • Host a “Pick Up the Playground Party”
  • Anonymously write thank you cards to the janitors and secretaries
  • Create art for the elderly at nursing homes
  • Make nice posters to spread throughout the school
  • Decorate placemats for Manna Soup Kitchen?
Best Earth Day Books

Earth Day Projects and Activities 

Please contact Chayse Romero at chayser@rsapp.org if you have anything to share!


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