Unit Four – Spark Creativity

Peter Benson, pioneer of Developmental Assets Framework, describe “SPARKS” as hidden flames that tap into our true passions. Once we find our Spark, they motivate and inspire us to achieve, create, and keep us on a positive path. Youth who have Sparks, and are surrounded by others who recognize and support their Sparks are more likely to make better grades, are more socially competent, have a greater sense of purpose, and are more likely to help others.

il_340x270.383207057_6q0zCreative Activities is one of the most common ways for young people to find their Spark. Creative activities offer a creative outlet of all types of people and all types of expression: art, music, writing, theatre, dance, making games, etc. Even if creative activities is not a young person’s Spark – creative activities still foster creative problem solving, critical thinking, and discipline.


Throughout the month of March, Kids’ Camp will be celebrating:

Asset #17: Creative Activities – Young people spend three or more hours per week in lessons or practice in music, theatre, or other of arts.

Click photo to view a pixar video

The Goal: To provide young people with the tools needed to explore their creative minds in various ways that encourages expression through art, dance, music, theater, etc.  


What does creativity mean to you?

How can one express themselves?

Time Frame: 10 Activities

Things To Think About/Things to Talk About

  • Think back on the art you’ve created. Is there a particular piece that you’re most proud of? Why?
  • Who is your favorite musician? What do you like about their music?
  • If you could be a professional artist, what would you be—painter, dancer, singer, actor, sculptor, crafts person, or writer? Why?
  • If you could take lessons in anything, what would you learn?
  • How do the creative activities that you do teach you more about yourself?


remember when getting creative, the outcome isn’t as important as the journey to the outcome

below are activities to inspire, creativity is highly encouraged


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