Reading, Writing, Memory

  • Reading Readiness Game
    • Benefits: improves communication skills, reading skills, writing skills, and memory
    • Duration time: 15-20 minutes
    • Who can play: People of all ages.
    • Where to play: anywhere
    • Materials needed: one book, papers and pencils
    • Goal: For each team to have sentence(s) written down exactly as it appears in the book, with correct grammer, spelling, punctuation.
    • How to play: Pair players with a partner. Open a book to a page. Read the page aloud (start with a simple sentence). Within each partner group, one person will be the reader/reporter and the other person is the scribe. Only the reader is allowed to see the sentence in the book. Readers race to view the sentence, while running back to their scribe. The scribe writes down what is reported(while trying to get correct spelling and punctuation). The goal is for each team to write the sentence identically as it appears in the book.

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